Ivan Gas | Arquitecte

"El Parc"


Location: Tortosa

Year: 2011

Client: Private

State: Completed

URBAN – STYLISH – INTIMATE. The concept of an urban terrace has created a microclimate in the busiest street of the city. Client: El Parc Restaurant. Contruction: Güeche SL. AWARD WINNER


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The starting point of this project was to assimilate that the architecture of the terrace had to reflect the restaurant standards. We are talking about one of the best restaurants of the area where important figures go to. Therefore, this is categorized as a first-class restaurant and its image plays a very significant role. Two important decisions were taken; on the one hand, to make the terrace as high as the interior of the restaurant, and on the other hand, to create a gradient so as to protect the customers from the wind as well as produce  transparencies and sieves. The fact of working with three different materials (ceramic, synthetic wood and steel) solves all the construction details. Another important aspect of this project is the previous study of the customers’ movement in order to avoid crossings between them and the restaurant staff.



Disseny de taula alta

Disseny de barra de servei