Ivan Gas | Arquitecte



Location: Tortosa

Year: 2012

Client: Private

State: Sketch

NATURAL ATMOSPHERE – MEMORIAL – CAFÉ. Integrated terrace in the park of Tortosa whose construction takes into account the history of the city.


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The proposal seats in the park Teodor González, more specifically where the original engine of the Carrilet is located.  It consists of creating an additional area for the urban terrace of the Park Restaurant, in Tortosa. Whereas the existing terrace is more focused on the idea of outdoor-restaurant, the new one wants to offer the service of cafeteria. The main objective is to draw inspiration from the old and traditional terraces where Café Paris-type of tables is the principal and distinguishable feature.  Thus, the whole terrace corresponds with the Carrilet locomotive style. It is important to make clear that the principal purpose is to avoid the construction of a thematic terrace, being the technic to play with the historical context and the adaptation of the customers’ area to the natural surroundings.