Ivan Gas | Arquitecte



Location: Andorra

Year: 2011

Client: Private

State: Sketch

CASUAL-FUNCTIONAL. interior renovation of a duplex apartment in Andorra la Vella. The project aims to give a trendier aspect to the flat and offer the new tenants more adaptable features.


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This is the proposal for the remodelling of the interior of a two-floor apartment located in Andorra. The main goal of the project is to provide freshness and give a feeling of spaciousness, especially at the ground floor, by removing the existing compartmentalization. The design strategy is to create a contrast between the modern and the traditional, by suggesting new ideas as well as working with typical local material such as wood and slate. In order to establish a balance between colour and material, it was decided to divide the entire interior decoration into four different chromatic groups; natural wood colour for the windows, the tables and the floor; black colour for the kitchen walls and floor and the fireplace; white colour for the seating furniture, walls and ceilings; and finally, stainless steel colour for the lights.