Ivan Gas | Arquitecte


of artists

Location: Tortosa

Year: 2010

Client: Citizens’ initiative

State: Project

URBAN INTEGRATION - LIGHT. A solution is proposed for the site overlooking the Cathedral apse square located in the Castell neighbourhood. The aim is to meet the program requirements and suggest an urban solution for a very complicated environment.


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The school is to be build in the old town of Tortosa, a place where the implementation of the building is difficult due to the unevenness of the floor, the configuration of the facade facing the square of the Cathedral apse, and the existence of Roman ruins. In front of these characteristics, the strategy is to carry out a number of boolean operations responding to its immediate environment. The main objective is to adjust the volume to the functional, structural, spatial requirements as well as the program demands. The project consists of an exhibition room facing the Roman ruins located on the ground floor, a floor that communicates with the interior of the building, and another one where some compartmentalized classrooms and a spacious workshop room can be found. The latter also has a deck with rooflights and a terrace.

sala exposicions





aula taller


sala polivalent